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Hey guys, thank you for visiting my website! I wanted to give you a little insight into my life and my background so you know a little about me instead of just a face you see in the pictures!

My full name is Georgia Mae Gibbs, I grew up in Perth Western Australia but was actually born in the UK and moved when I was young.

I'm the youngest of a family of three who I love dearly, my mum to this day has never been wrong and my dads as protective as he his tall. When I was in high school I was obsessed with study and found myself with a new career choice weekly, modelling was never one of them. I turned 18, finished school in the top 5% of the country (maybe bragging a little) even though school was a time of a lot of ups and downs I began studying at University shortly after.

A few months later a girlfriend signed me up to Australia's Next Top Model and Charlotte Dawson picked me from the crowd of hundreds of girls auditioning in Perth... and thats how modelling begun!


I moved from my home, to Melbourne, NO was a common trend, with the occasional yes, then to Sydney where the ups and downs continued until I signed with my mother agent now, SCOOP. From Sydney, around the country and within six months I visited LA where a coffee shop became the beginning of my endless laughs with my partner Dan, to London, Germany, Italy and Sweden, until I finally found myself where I am now, in NYC and every day the adventure continues...

My journey has never been a straight line but I wouldn't change it, I spend some time missing family but creating memories and having beautiful experiences... So please follow along and share the ride with me, G x

Career highlights

SI Swimsuit Rookie 2017 Casting
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